With I-Opt tools you can accurately: Measure, Predict, Guide. I-Opt, tools that work.

What is "I Opt"?

"I Opt" is a unique, fully validated survey measurement tool. It is designed from the ground up to the used with groups as well as individuals. Learn more about I-Opt.

How can I use "I Opt"?

"I Opt" reports and assessments benefit from but do not require special training or certification to use. The reports are definitive and do not require interpretation to understand and use. Learn more about the I-Opt benefits.

How long does improvement last?

Analysis are typically team/department/group specific. The diagnostic is also specific to particular individuals who comprise the group. Improvements tend to last as long as the group remains intact. Learn more about the persistence of improvements.

From The "I-Opt" Blogs

"I Opt" Organizational Engineering Research & Development Studies Evidence-based Research

"I Opt" Engineering Applied Research and Programs

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