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"Tech Talk" Radio Interview

Dr. Salton was interviewed on the "Tech Talk" section of the Lucy Ann Lance radio show.

"I Opt" Publication in "Nurse Leader"

The research blog publication of "The Staff Nursing Paradox" is being published as an article in the journal Nurse Leader in the spring of 2010.

E-Certification Beta in Process

The beta test on the new E Certification program is going well. Several people have been certified. New additions (e.g., a workbook) and "tweaks" have been identified and are in progress.

New Corporate Visualization Method in R&D


A new method of displaying and analyzing corporations and large subsets (e.g., divisions, groups, large departments, etc.) is in process. The idea is an offshoot of the "I Opt" work done on corporate culture.

As envisioned, the system will be interactive and require a server dedicated to a single firm. "I Opt" is looking for live beta candidates to develop and test the techology. A material financial and workload commitment will be required for participation. Firms that may be interested are encouraged to contact Dr. Salton (734-662-0250).


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