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About I-Opt

Professional Communications, Inc. is a research and development firm focused on the production, publication and national distribution of knowledge based products. The firm's interest centers on the behavior of groups of people functioning in organized, goal directed environments. PCI offers multiple products designed to enhance the functioning of groups and networks of groups up to and including entire organizations.

Research & Development Framework

PCI's interest has been codified under the concept of "Organizational Engineering." Organizational Engineering is defined as a branch of knowledge which seeks to understand, measure, predict and guide the behavior of groups of human beings. These results have been achieved by viewing human beings as information processing organisms. Groups of human beings are seen as an information exchange network that is guided by fundamental principles and observable structures. "I-Opt"™ is a basic measurement tool. The instrument does not draw on psychology and therefore can be used as a complement to traditional tools and methodologies.


Professional Communications, Inc. (PCI) serves a broad range of clients and its products are being used in virtually all countries, industries and at all levels. PCI services those markets directly and through external consultants. PCI encourages but does not require users to be certified in the technology. PCI does provide research and R&D consulting services at its offices in Ann Arbor, MI. PCI does not provide onsite consulting services.

Corporate Background

Professional Communications, Inc. (PCI) was incorporated in 1991 as a private corporation under the laws of the State of Michigan. The corporate offices are located directly across from the main campus of the University of Michigan in Nickels Arcade, a building constructed in 1923.

Home of I Opt

Professional Communications, Inc.
326 South State Street
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Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

Telephone Contact:
Voice: 734-662-0250
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PCI was founded by Dr. Gary Salton. Dr. Salton holds a Ph.D. in Sociology, a Master of Arts in Economics and a Master of Business Administration. Dr. Salton has published in the fields of organizational development, human resources, finance, real estate, systems, taxation and operations research.

In addition to scholarly interests, Dr. Salton has held managerial and senior executive posts in investment banking, real estate and automotive industries. He has held positions as Sr. Vice President, Chief Planning Officer, and Corporate Controller among others.

Professional Communications, Inc. is a research and development firm focused on the behavior of people functioning in organized, goal directed environments. It's knowledge base has been organized and codified under the concept of "Organizational Engineering." I-Opt"™, the name given to this WWW site, is a basic measurement tool in this field of interest.

Professional Communications, Inc. serves a broad range of clients. Its products are being used in virtually all industries and at all levels. PCI typically works with and through external professionals knowledgeable in the area of organizational policy, design and development. PCI performs all of its R&D, analytical and instructional work in its offices in Ann Arbor, MI. PCI maintains a referral list of professional consultants who travel and work directly with clients. Corporate financial, legal, professional, and client referrals are available.


"I Opt gave us the missing ingredient in the R&D formula. It is a catalyst for combining people who systematically build new and successful products"

- Charles Fuhrmann, VP of R&D, Birdseye Foods

"[I Opt] has theoretical integrity and delivers practical results. It is the next and possibly first wave of new OD knowledge,"

- Dr. Joseph (Jerry) Lapides, Professor, University of Michigan-Dearborn.

"Organizational Engineering is too efficient, too effective and too simple to be anything less than a breakthrough in OD,"

- Donald Mroz, Ph.D, Consultant, Waves of Change Inc.

"Organizational Engineering is unique in that it applies to all levels, from board room to factory floor."

- Frances Leach, Ph.D., Federal Aviation Administration, TX.

"I Opt is so simple that anyone can understand it without camouflage. Yet it is so penetrating that people think you have been eavesdropping at their meetings."

- Dave Griffin, Director T&D, Norfolk Redevelopment Housing Authority, Norfolk, VA

"Two things amaze me. (1) 100% of the time people agree with the results and (2) the simple-to-read reports are a programming genius,"

- Jon C. Jones, Caterpillar, Lafayette, IN.

"The 'ah-ha!' moment is the best part of it —when a team identifies the 'rudder' for success. Grabbing a tiller and making key course connections can be almost instantaneous"

- Jeffery Miller, Jeffery Miller and Associates, IL

"I Opt technology picks up the things that make groups work- or that keeps them from working. 'Engineering' results is really possible!"

- Patrick O'Brien, Caterpillar, IL

"You are reading my mind. This is great."

- Henry M. Fitts, Director, Learning & Development Mountaire Farms-NC

"...very interesting, informative, and immediately resonates!"

- Jennifer Avers, Consultant

"It is a cool tool and, from my perspective, accurate and helpful on a couple of levels. My wife enjoyed it, too, and concurred with the validity of the strengths and exposures..."

- Ken Irons, Employment & Training Manager, City of Redmond

"I found the report to be comprehensive, offering great insight and easy to read and understand."

- Lois Gardner, Sr. Organizational Effectiveness Consultant, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island

"I am impressed by the amount and quality of information you present from such a short assessment instrument."

- Meredith Kimbell, Consultant

"The survey was painless to complete. The results look quite comprehensive..."

- Suresh Radhakrishnan, Human Resources Program Manager, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

"Rereading the analysis has proven most helpful, in that it provides guidance, not just description."

- Robin Roth, Sr. Director, Century 21

"I found the report very accurate and an amazing tool to understanding my style, strengths and challenges."

- AnnieMcClinton, VP of T&D, Irvine Company Apartment Communities

"I am pretty impressed with the accuracy of how it described my primary and secondary management style. I think this is a very good tool for managers."

- Sandra G. Morris, Vice President, Learning & Employee Development, GMAC Commercial Mortgage

"[I] just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your work and the I-Opt assessment instrument. I have used it extensively and have always experienced positive outcomes with my clients."

- Rich Stanich, Consultant

"This was a great report - I was amazed at the detail that was provided..."

- Pattie Vargas, Principal and Owner, The Vargas Group

"Very Impressive.. I have participated in many assessments over the years and the results of this … go beyond the typical "quadrant" type assessment."

- Lucy Skalbeck. Dir. of Learning and Development, Operations, Anixter Corp.

"...this material has more insight, utility, and impact than anything else I've seen earlier."

- Larry Lee, Ph.d., Boeing Corporation.

"I've been through hundreds of personality assessments and this one highlighted an aspect of my personality that I was aware of but didn't understand .... It's rare that this type of assessment gives me that type of insight so this is an assessment I'd recommend to others."

- Christie Mason, Learning Architect, Managers Forum

"Not only was [the "I Opt" Survey] quick, it was thorough and it provided me with valuable information pertaining to my leadership styles..."

- Corrie Woolcott, AVP, Equity 1 Lenders Group

You really have an excellent product with very strong validity.

- Jon D. Briggs VP, Leadership and Management Development Saxon/Morgan Stanley

I still think it is one of the best instruments I have ever used.

- Donald Mroz, Ph.D. Waves of Change Partnership

I-Opt was a very effective tool for me at Dartmouth. I-Opt has been a wonderful tool for me and I thank you for developing and introducing me to it.

- Harvey Slaughter, Ph.D. Dartmouth College

This is AWESOME!!! Thank you!!!

- Sandy Pheil Marketing Life Coach PCC, MC

One reason people want to be coached is to advance their careers. The Career Report works right into that client focus.

- Pat McGraw McGraw Consulting & Coaching, Inc.

I would like to compliment your tool as I found it to be very much on target for me. I found the report to be comprehensive, offering great insight and easy to read and understand.

- Lois Gardner Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island

I received my “I Opt” Advanced Leadership Report. It is one of the most comprehensive documents I have ever seen.

Kathy Wojcik, SPHR, Corporate Manager, Leadership Development & Learning., Gates Corporation

the insight provided is almost uncannily precise and accurate. Great tool!

Bob Pastorello, Organization Development Consultant, Deaconess Hospital, OKC, OK

This is scary. Have you been sitting in the back of the room at our working sessions?

- John M. Wattendorf, Ph.D. Program Director, Management Development Learning Design IBM On Demand Learning

all I can say is “WOW!”

— Kay Mejia, Senior Consultant, Data Management Group

Thank you so much! That's one of the most efficient work I have ever seen!

— Cheng Lu, China's Vanke Co., Ltd.—Largest real estate firm in China

I must commend you in that it got me very right, both in the way I see myself, how others see me and what my career path has been.

— Kehinde Ladipo, Port Harcourt , Nigeria

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