Support Materials

Support Materials

A variety of materials are available to support "I Opt" field applications. Many are available free or at a modest charge.

Many of these materials can be easily integrated into existing programs. They can also be used in consulting situations to augment an analysis or to stimulate discussion.

"Snowflake" Graphic

Learning Snowflake Behavioral Snowflake Learning Style Snowflake Learning Patterns Snowflake Strategic Patterns Snowflake Strategic Styles Snowflake Strategic Styles Snowflake Strategic Styles Snowflake

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"Snowflakes" are templates that identify characteristics associated with different strategic styles or patterns. The "snowflakes" are designed so that individual or group "I Opt" profiles can be overlaid on them (click to see application). The characteristics identified will be proportional to the degree that the graphic overlays the particular area of the snowflake.

"Snowflakes" are periodically added as research reveals reliable patterns in new dimensions of human activity. The "I Opt" Behavioral Cascade can be used to create new "snowflakes" for almost any area which has substantive characteristics typifying that area. PCI does accept commissions to create "snowflakes" for a particular industry, activity or firm (click to contact PCI).

The "snowflakes" on the right have been developed by Professional Communications, Inc. for its various products and/or its research activities. They can be downloaded in Acrobat pdf format free of charge for review and evaluation purposes. Please contact PCI for a release to use the "snowflakes" for other purposes (click to contact PCI).



Professional Communications can transfer the images of individual or group "I Opt" profiles to transparencies. These can then be used to overlay onto the Snowflakes or with the profiles of other people.

This is a service offered for client convenience. Clients can easily do this themselves using the TeamAnalysis or Consultant Package graphics.

"Getting your way" table

Getting your way table

This passout describes various communication strategies suitable for each "I Opt" strategic style. The sheet can be used to sensitize people to their communication strategy. The natural tendency is to frame communication in the way that the sender prefers to process information. The passout suggests that others are more likely to accept their position if information is framed in a way preferred by the recipient.

"Chickenpox" Graphic

ChickenPox Graphic

This is a manually prepared graphic showing the "I Opt" centroid position of each person in a team/department/group overlaid on the group graph.

This is the same chart as appears in the Consultant Package except (1) the centroids are in their exact position (versus being offset for clarity) and (2) names of team members are aligned with their centroid (versus centroids being numbered and referenced by an index).

Promotional Material

Brochure Example

People interested in exploring "I Opt" technology can use these brochures as a way of gaining a quick perspective on the features of "I Opt" technology.

Clients can contact PCI to obtain the Microsoft Word version of the three-folds in which they have an interest.

How can I use 'I-Opt' in consulting?

How can I use "I Opt" in Consulting?

This brochure provides bullet point features and benefits from the perspective of a consultant.

I Opt roadmap to organizational engineering

"I Opt" Roadmap to Organizational Engineering?

This is an orientational brochure explaining what "I Opt" measures and the characteristics of the various reports.

Ceo's guide to I Opt Technology

CEO's Guide to "I Opt" Technology

This prochure is focused on matters of interest to a senior executive.

Why use IOpt for Organizational Development

Why Should I use "I Opt" for Organizational Development?

This brochure explains how "I Opt" works and focuses on its compatibility with other OD tools.

How can I engineer performance?

How can I "Engineer" Performance?

This brochure explains how "I Opt" works and focuses on its compatibility with other OD tools.

Why Learn about Organizational Engineering

Why should I learn about Organizational Engineering?

This brochure explains how "I Opt" works and focuses on its compatibility with other OD tools.

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