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Internet Access

Internet access to all "I Opt" reports is available by subscription. Clients can select and obtain whatever reports they want when thew want them. The turnaround time is very fast (usually under 10 minutes) and finished reports are delivered by email.

All subscribers get a database containing the information on all of the surveys they administered. The client database is private and local to them. It can only be accessed with a user code and password.

Web Access

Database information can be recalled on demand and reused to construct different teams or to explore different combinations of people. This is especially valuable in dynamic organizations where teams/departments/groups are formed or adjusted to meet changing demands.

Clients have two internet access options. Under an unlimited use option clients pay one fee. They can access as many reports as they wish, as frequently as they wish and without additional charge. New reports are automatically included with the service. They are made available as soon as they are released from beta testing.

Direct Access clients pay a small setup fee and agree to a small minimum monthly payment. They have the same access as the Unlimited Users but pay full retail for each report that they run. If usage fees fall short of the agreed upon minimum the difference is billed. If usage fees exceed the agreed upon minimum, the monthly fee is not charged.

Clients who do not wish to commit to specific usage can access any of the "I Opt" reports by having them run by the staff of Professional Communications Inc. ("PCI"-the owner of "I Opt" technology). The "I Opt" Survey information can be transmitted by email, fax, snail-mail or any other method the client chooses. PCI staff will run the requested reports and return them by email usually in under 24 hours. Billing for this service will be at full retail and payment by credit card is preferred but invoices can be arranged for larger orders.

Whatever method is chosen, clients can be assured that PCI and its staff are fully committed to meeting client needs. Clients can be assured that their phone calls will be answered, their emails will be replied to and any concerns will be promptly addressed.

Access to "I Opt" via the internet on either a Unlimited or Direct Access basis can be obtained by contacting Professional Communications Inc. You will be given your options and will be quoted specific prices that you can consider. PCI does not "sell" but rather provides information. The technology will typically sell itself.

Individual instance users can obtain the report from Professional Communications Inc. (the owner of "I Opt" technology) in any manner preferred by the client (e.g., email, fax, surface mail, private courier, telephone, etc.). Turnaround time is usually less than 24 hours. Contact us for the specific means available for you to choose from.


Subscribers to Unlimited Use or Direct Access options can access any of the following reports and/or data via the internet.

Individual Reports Available on the Internet

  • Individual Analysis: This identifies an individuals information processing (strategic style)preferences. It is usually 8 to 10 pages and has an extremely high face validity.
  • Individual Learning Report: The Learning Report shows how a person might best approach learning from their particular strategic style .
  • Individual Sales Report: This report identifies the person's natural "sales" approach and shows how it might be adjusted to match the preferences of the prospect. This report is also useful in career counseling since advancement is often influenced by the ability to "sell" oneself.
  • Change Management Report: This report outlines the likely responses of a person to different kinds of change. It identifies specific vulnerabilities the particular person is likely to experience in the change process.
  • Individual Leadership Report: The Individual Leadership Report is alert a person to their “built-in” leadership tendencies. It is written in a straight forward, easy-to-read manner and is especially useful for aspiring leaders and those that are early in their career.
  • Advanced Leader Report: The Advanced Leader Report is intended for seasoned executives. It analyzes the leader in-depth along multiple dimensions. Its tone is mature, respectful and direct.
  • Coaching Report: The Coaching report is produced automatically with and is linked page-for-page to the Advanced Leader Report. It is used by a coach to assist a leader in examining his/her leadership behavior.
  • Career Report: (available now in Beta). The Career Report is designed to help a person manage their career as well as near-term job opportunities.

Group Reports Available on the Internet

  • TwoPerson(tm) Report: This report uses the information processing preferences to diagnose the likely interaction of any two people. It produces a comprehensive picture of the dynamics, either actual or potential, of the relationship. Strategies for offsetting vulnerabilities are offered for consideration.
  • TeamAnalysis(tm) Report: This report diagnoses the dynamics of any team (up to 20 people simultaneously), specifies the reasons for the condition identified and offers methods to offset vulnerabilities or magnify strengths.
  • LeaderAnalysis(tm) Report: LeaderAnalysis™ diagnoses the dynamics of any team from the perspective of the leader of the group. It is a "leader-in-context" analysis and looks at the specific dynamics of the individual leader heading a group of specific people.
  • Consultant Package: Consultants and Professionals can use the graphics produced by this program in making presentations using PowerPoint or a similar vehicle. The images are designed to be easily transportable.


  • On-Line Survey: Subscribers to Unlimited Use or Direct Access can have surveys taken on-line by their clients or users. The results are immediately posted to their private database and are immediately available for use.
  • Maintenance/Special Studies: Subscribers can access the raw data in their database. They can modify the data using a maintenance program provided. They can also extract data for use in large-scale special studies or other specialized analyses.

Web Access Thumbnails

The "I Opt" website is designed for ease of use. Clicking on any of the pictures on the home page opens step-by-step instructions for obtaining any desired report or service.

The thumbnails below are illustrative and not complete. However, they are sufficent to give an idea that running the programs is not difficult.

Web Access Thumbnails

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